Meet the Happymess kids

Blue Bell: Our oldest daughter, Blue Bell is twenty-seven.  She loves Jane Austen novels and chocolate ice cream, as well as the color blue.

Blue Bell and her cat

Princess: Princess is our 26-year-old daughter.  She loves the world and the world loves her.  Bold, ambitious, determined, fashionable and always smiling, she loves to enjoy life.

Princess has a big smile

Big Bro: Our oldest son, Big Bro is 24-years-old.  He recently moved out and got his own house.  A totally cool dude, he sometimes stops in to say hi to the kids.  He cares for his younger siblings and protects his older sisters.

Big Bro prepares to go to a wedding

Creatress: Creatress is our 14-year-old daughter, who loves to read, write, act, think, plan and create.  She is the mastermind behind many projects, and leader of her Destination Imagination and National History Day teams.  After school hours, she enjoys skiing and hanging out with her friends, and goes to sleepaway camp in Maine for seven weeks each summer.

Creatress dances for sweets

Quantum: Quantum, our twelve-year-old son is a certifiable math genius who loves all sorts of numbers and calculations, from his algebra homework to major league baseball stats.  Quantum loves sports, and plays baseball, golf, tennis, paddle tennis, flag football and skis on the race team, along with Creatress and Truth.  Competitive and hard working, Quantum also participates in Destination Imagination and National History Day.

Quantum prepares to depart for the Destination Imagination Global finals, after decorating the car

Truth: Truth, our eleven-year-old boy, is kind, compassionate and eternally honest.  He loves chocolate and Harry Potter and enjoys playing baseball with Quantum and taking walks with Creatress.  He often invites friends over and is always looking to have fun.  He is also on the Destination Imagination team.

Truth, a huge Mets fan, poses at a game with a pencil used by his favorite player, Jose Reyes

Bounce:  At almost eight years old, Bounce is full of excitement.  He loves art, reading and writing, and is exuberant and unstoppable.  His creativity is matched only by his energy.  This will be his first year homeschooling, and he hopes to start his own elementary-level Destination Imagination team.

Bounce loves to build block creations

Scooter: Our youngest son, Scooter, is almost five years old.  He loves being read to and doing art, and is a thoughtful boy.  He aspires to be just like his big brothers and sisters.  He is currently in nursery school.

Scooter climbs on a tractor

Despite the occasional skirmishes, the children are able to work together on countless projects and love being part of a big, happy family.

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