Our Homeschool is Now Officially Open!

We spent our first day of school with several hundred other homeschool families at Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts.  This is a great way to experience first hand the daily life in a small New England village in the early 1800’s.  We were delighted with the apparent simplicity of existence and the quiet beauty of the village.

Bounce was thrilled to run into each village home He visited the Meeting House, the lawyer’s house, the Towne family home and several others.  He was able to see original writing instruments (quill pens and ink), spools of cloth, jars of pickles and nails and scales for weighing non pre-packaged merchandise.

Bounce and Scooter made miniature town houses, studied archeology, made coyote footprints and also created solar photographs with leaves and flowers gathered from the garden.

Creatress, Quantum and Truth made candles, rode an oxen team and studied hard in their faux one-room schoolhouse.

In all, this was a great opening to our study of early American history.

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