The Good Son: A Truly Kid-Scary Movie

Happymess hosted a scary movie night. We wanted a movie that would really engage our group of 12 middle school students.


We chose a true children’s thriller, The Good Son, with childhood star Macaulay Culkin. The Good Son warns of the dangers of sibling rivalry. None of the kids had seen this movie yet all could uncomfortably identify with the message.

The Good Son is a story about a good boy and a bad boy. They become inextricably entwined as the rivalry deepens and little boy naughtiness grows into true evil. Strangers, friends, siblings and eventually the mother become entangled in this web of evil. Ultimately a choice must be made between good and evil, blood and friendship. How will good succeed over evil? How will the mother choose The Good Son?

We recommend this movie for the emotionally secure. Happymess kids found this movie engrossing but disturbing. The next day each child was still talking and thinking about the moral implications. The Good Son is a movie that will remain in our consciousness, and hopefully remind us to think before we act.

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