reLENT-less Complaining

Today marks the beginning of the season of Lent, a time when Christians endeavor to bring themselves closer to Jesus through penitence, denying themselves a luxury, or resisting a vice.  For 40 days we try to be better people.  We try to be more thoughtful in our behavior and try to reach out to others in need.  We have 40 days to prepare ourselves for Easter.

Happymess kids have taken stock of their options when answering the perennial question, “What will I give up for Lent?”

A myriad of temptations have been considered.

Our local candy shop. Very tempting.

Finally, it was unanimous. One vice that rents at familial peace and tranquility came rushing to the forefront.

Yes.  Complaining.  Despite our happy photos and wonderful art projects there is plenty of behind-the -scenes complaining.  And, frankly, we are sick of it.  Not just us, the parents, but the kids too.

“Do I have to make my bed?  I am just going to sleep in it again tonight!”

 “Why do we have to fold the laundry?  Can’t I just throw it on the beds?”

 “But I like my toys on the floor.  That way they are easy to find.”

So we have decided, gulp, to give up complaining for Lent.

Truth said it wasn’t possible.  “How will you get anyone to clean up without complaining that the room is a mess?” he asked.

We practiced new sentence structures, “It would be helpful if everyone could pick up their own clothes and books off the floor today.”

“But,” Truth pointed out, “what if we don’t do it?”

Athena suggested a direct order, “Now it is time for everyone to clean up.”

Non-confrontational and non-complaining.

Quantum says he can only give up complaining at home.  It wouldn’t sound right if he didn’t complain when talking with his friends.  Hmm.

We may have to post this diagram on the refrigerator.

"I think I have to go do the laundry now..."

Or maybe this picture would be more effective?

Let Me Count the Days:  Homeschooling is initiating the peace movement at home.

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  1. Reblogged this on TRUnique News & Matters.

  2. I love this! The diagram perfectly sums up the serenity prayer and the elephant photo, well, it is priceless…

    Happy Lenten season to you and yours. Good luck! No wait,

    God bless!


  3. Allia,

    I love it! What a wonderful “loss” to endure! Our motto around here is, “Do everything without complaining or arguing, so no one can criticize you.” (The rest of the passage is pretty great, too!) Yet, how often do I live up to it? How often do they? I think we have some more work to do. And, goodness, am I glad I’m not a large-animal vet!

    ~ Danika

    • Danika,

      This “no complaining” is really a challenge. We are struggling all ready, but at least we are all aware. Truth looked up the definition. Complaining: expressing dissatisfaction. That pretty much leaves us with only saying positive things. This 40 days could be a big period of learning for all of us.


  4. That PICTURE! ROTFLOL. I’ve been raised in a Christian home, but we’ve never practiced Lent. I don’t really know anything about it, but it sounds neat. I think I may try giving up something. I think I’ll give up Laziness. Yep…that’s what I need to give up. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m going to join in this year and give up laziness.

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