Classic Children's Literature: The Gateway to Literacy

Reading is the key to literacy. A good book will capture your students' imagination. Their natural curiosity and determination to "find out what happens.." will take care of the rest. But not all books are created equal..

knuckle down

One of the best ways to inspire a young student is to provide high quality children's literature as standard reading material. Classic literature, like Tom Sawyer, Little Women or A Secret Garden all have common elements. They contain universal messages within the framework of everyday childhood experience. Through description and detailed dialogue today's children can understand the past and can relive difficulties that children from earlier decades have faced. Everyday obstacles are overcome with out resorting to magic or super powers but through human ingenuity and perseverance. Most importantly, the complex linguistic style and expressive vocabulary utilized in classic children's literature provide today's student with the ability to read, comprehend and ultimately write at a more sophisticated level. Additionally, the classics are fun. Once your student becomes accustomed to the reading level they will adore these amazing tales of adventure and childhood accomplishment.

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