Our Fabulous Constitutional Rights

It is September and time to be grateful for the best gift of the season: the right to homeschool our children.


One of the happiest laws is a non-interference law. Each day I am forever grateful that in this marvelous country of individuality we have the freedom to educate our own children in the manner that seems right for our own families. This freedom seems like it should indeed be a natural and unalienable right. We are responsible for all aspects of our children's care. As parents we naturally make every effort to provide love, food and shelter. However, our most important contributions to our children's welfare are more subtle. Through our everyday interactions with one another we strive to create a moral framework, an appreciation for faith and love. We teach compassion for others. Our families are designed to create a nest in which our network of values and expectations can be taught to the next generation. Thus it is our unalienable right to additionally teach Math and Science and English, if we so desire. What could be more natural?

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