Status Update: Mountain Bound in Vermont

A week ago we came up to our ski house in Vermont to avoid Hurricane Irene, which would soon hit our small Connecticut town.  Now, we wait in Vermont for the power to return to our Connecticut house.  Our days are filled with blogging (for me) and planning this year’s Destination Imagination skit (for the older kids.)  The younger kids build block cities and climb trees, and my husband has been driving around endlessly on back roads, trying to find a golf course that has not been flooded.  Because no course is completely open yet, to play eighteen holes he must play a few at one course, then drive around searching for another venue.

Scooter explores an abandoned tractor in our driveway.


Bounce climbs a tree to the very top.



Truth stands on a rock



Quantum poses with the tractor


Creatress has fun in the village


We are fortunate that our house is on a mountain.  In Vermont, bridges and roads have washed away and the flooding in some places is the worst in two hundred years.  We pray for those affected by Irene.


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