Homeschool Pre-Season

We are finally getting ready to make our new school year a reality….and so we are in Homeschool Pre-Season, otherwise known as The Great Clean-Up.  We are cleaning and organizing every room, washing all the sheets, finding out what clothes fit (none) and making the final decisions regarding who will be studying what subjects, etc.  Fortunately, it has been raining and miserable these past two days or this would be an impossible task.

This year we are having pre-school meetings with each child individually.  This morning Truth opted for an 8:00 AM breakfast “conference”.  He chose his favorite diner and ordered french toast and two cups of giant hot chocolate with extra whipped cream.  He was as happy as Paddington Bear at tea time.  He will be following a fairly standard program of spelling, grammar, vocabulary, latin/greek word roots, etc.  He will be completing Pre-Algebra.  Additionally he will do cryptography, science, writing and literature.  This year Truth will be the head of his own middle school National History Day team.  This will be the biggest change for him as previously he was the youngest member of a team which was spear-headed by Creatress.  Truth is a bit worried about having complete responsibility but also pretty pleased to be in charge of his own team.

  • “What? School is starting soon?!!”

Quantum chose to have his lunch conference in the car.  First we got a great picnic lunch from a natural foods store and then drove to the beach to enjoy our meal.  Quantum is pretty much of a self-starter.  He will be tackling Algebra 2 this year along with studying HTML and web design.  He will be on the High School National History Day team and will have plenty of difficult primary resources to wade through.  He will also be studying for the SAT’s this year.  He is most excited about flag football, scrabble and chess club.

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