Today is the Day to Follow Your Dreams

Doing what you dream can be the most liberating experience. Years of mental planning cannot compare with one day or weeks worth of concrete action.


Sometimes following your dreams can take a tremendous act of courage. It is easy to dream and imagine yourself in a new role but it can take true bravery to step off the platform of imagination and actually take the actions necessary to make your dreams a reality. Perpetual inaction gives the sensation of security because although your dreams do not become a reality you save yourself the very real pain of failure. Taking action can become the true liberator. Make today the day you take the first steps toward change. Teaching through example should lead all of us to make the best use of our own talents while we encourage our children to grow and develop their own talents. We can measure our success through our ability to inspire others to actively follow their dreams.

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2 Responses

  1. following your dreams need courage and hard work but taking the first step in that direction need much more than that…..

    • You can’t get anywhere without taking that fateful first step. If you take the first step then at least you have started the process. One step and then another. Sooner or later you can find the path you are looking for, which is better than just dreaming of the path. Allie.

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